Author: Noah

  • Devlog: Procedural Worlds

    Another day, another devlog on GrugNet. After some painstaking logic issues and a lot of refactoring, I finally have the static world generation updated to v2. We base our worlds on world sizes, so in the v1 version a world with a size of 12 would take around two minutes to generate (which is not…

  • Devlog: Introducing GrugNet

    Today, I write my first blog post about my current all-consuming project, GrugNet. GrugNet aims to be an API-based game where users can write their own clients to interact with the game, in which you begin as a neolithic chief of your very own tribe. The aim of GrugNet is to be a total world…

  • This Is Not A Game

    This Is Not A Game



    As the image above says, This is not a game. These are the words the 1998 exploration game LSD: The Dream Emulator proudly begins with, and I think there are no better words to describe such a product. Only released in Japan, LSD: The Dream Emulator is the type of game that transcends what a…

  • The Quest to Interact();

    The Quest to Interact();

    My life-long love of video games has led me into trouble more times than I can count, and this is definitely one of those times. I recently switched over to Linux as my daily driver on my personal machine and got neovim setup just the way I wanted it. This was my first mistake. After…