Devlog: Introducing GrugNet

Today, I write my first blog post about my current all-consuming project, GrugNet. GrugNet aims to be an API-based game where users can write their own clients to interact with the game, in which you begin as a neolithic chief of your very own tribe.

The aim of GrugNet is to be a total world simulation, from cavemen inventing fire to the space age and beyond. However, this is not the true goal of GrugNet: the real goal (and very complex task) is having each tribesperson(agent) be run by an carefully curated large language model, or LLM. The agents will have things like memory, emotion, and other human-like features allowing them to invent technology, governments, etc. Imagine our agent, Grug, slams two rocks together. The system would then recognize that fire may have been created, and keep track of this tribes invention and allow them to then use this to create more and more technologies. As they grow, their language, culture, and other qualities will change to reflect their status.

Currently, GrugNet is in a very basic place but I am VERY excited about its progress. Right now, you can move about a procedural generated world and communicate with several different agents, each with their own memory and characteristics. You can also store items in an inventory, eat, and drink. These are very basic features, yet are the building blocks of much more complex planned systems.

I’ll be posting more information about features, functions, mechanics and design in future devlogs as I develop it!


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  1. Grognet is a microcosm of a 10,000 years of human evolution, I kinda dig the grand scaope of such a project. I definitely want a peek behind the curtain to see how such a thing might work, so cool!

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